Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Primary legal entity primary address and country code specific menu items

Earlier this week a customer experienced that a very important menu item all of a sudden disappeared. It was quite disturbing since it is the call center's main entry point for calls.

I could see the menu item in AOT > Menus but when I opened the element I got this error message:

I knew that the Menu Item in question had a CountryRegionCode property set to Denmark (DK)
and that the License configuration had Denmark set in Country/Regional specific feature:

My immediate thought was that the customer had altered the role for the users, however when I logged on to the clients environment with the System Administrator role, the menu item still was unavailable.

So, what was the problem? I could confirm that it had something to do with the CountryRegionCode by doing some tests.

With AX 2012 the controlling party is defined by the organization model. "If the country context of the controlling party matches the country context of the controlled entity, the functionality or UI elements will be enabled." (MSDN-article "Applying Country Specific Functionality [AX 2012]")

So the country region code of the primary address of the legal entity defines the country/region context for the controlling party - which means that if there is no primary address or the primary address is not in the same country as the menu item, the UI element will not be shown.

The resolution was to check if the Legal entity had Denmark as country code for the primary address:

Open the Legal entities form:

which it did not - they had altered the country region for the primary address for no reason.

Once the primary address' country region was edited back to Denmark, the menu item appeared again.

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