Tuesday, 17 February 2009

How to tell if a form was opened with 'Go to main table' function

I found this sample code really helpful in connection with a customization,where the customer wanted to alter the 'Go to main table' function.

Respect to original poster (though I can't remember where I found it - but the idea is not mine)

On main datasource:
public void executeQuery()
query q;
querybuilddatasource qbds;
querybuildrange qbr;
int fldLookupField;
str sLookupValue;
if ( element.args().caller() &&
!element.args().dataset() &&
element.args().lookupField() &&
element.args().lookupValue()) //jumpref
sLookupValue =element.args().lookupValue();
fldLookupField =element.args().lookupField();


Friday, 13 February 2009

Invoking a method on a field in a form's datasource

I needed to call the modified method on a form's datasource's field to invoke the logic, which updated a couple of fields on the form. I had defaulted a value in the field on the table's initValue()-method but this - of course - means that the modified method is not in play.
Therefore I needed to call the method in code, for which I had two options, either calling the form controls method by setting AutoDeclaration to Yes and then calling modified or calling the datasource table's field's method which I chose.

e.g. ProdTable_ds.object(fieldnum(ProdTable, ItemId)).modified();

but where to place the code? After some time I found out that if I placed it on active() of the datasource the form showed the correct information.

/Happy hacking