Monday, 16 February 2015

How to redirect/drain user clients in a cluster AOS-setup

It may become necessary to redirect users to a specific AOS instance even though the client configuration is setup to use a AOS cluster.

If the redirect is a temporary fix such as setting an AOS-server offline for maintenance instead of editing all axc-client configurations, it is possible in the user interface to tell an AOS-server to redirect user connection to other AOS-instances in the cluster quite easily:

Open AX and navigate to the System Administration module:

In the group Users, open Online users:

On the tab Server Instances confirm that are are 2 or more AOS-instances connected to the application:

Mark the AOS-instance that you want to redirect from and press the Reject new clients button, e.g. 

A prompt will ask for confirmation, press OK:

Status for the AOS instance will shift to Draining, which means that connections to the AOS-instance is in the process of drained from the AOS-instance(s).

To allow connections to the AOS-instance again, navigate to the same form, highlight the redirecting AOS instance and press the “Accept new clients”.

In this way, we have redirected new connections to an AOS-cluster away from a specific AOS-instance, without altering the client configuration.

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